Operational Readiness Experts

tps Consulting is an experienced technology consultancy that provides operational analysis and workflow design. We develop standard operating procedures and work either directly with clients or through systems integrators, and technology providers. We have been in business since 1990 and have been engaged in supporting technology-centric launches at some of the largest broadcast facilities in the world. We specialize in integrating technology into your business needs and requirements.

Our track record is strong and focused. We have successfully designed and developed operational workflow and processes for large-scale digital television initiatives including IPTV and “triple play”. From these processes tps has created standard operational procedures and instructed operators how to follow these procedures in their daily routine. tps has also created and delivered product life-cycle training for multiple hardware and software companies.

In short, we are the Operational Readiness Architects for the integration of technology systems into your business.

Please contact us to discuss our services and how we may assist you with your project.