Helping Today's Broadcast Engineer Be Successful

Posted by murray Sat, 01 May 2010 16:05:00 GMT

Here’s an insightful article from Broadcast Engineering Magazine about the required skill sets of broadcast engineers as television delivery enters the world of IP. New digital video over IP facilities require a blend of broadcast and IT experience for an operator to be successful, and the marriage of these two disciplines is hard to find in one individual.

So it’s now even more critical to completely train new technical staff on subsystems they may have had only limited interaction with. Here are some key excerpts from the article and our comments: bq. “With the increased complexity of BOC technology, it is important to be sure that the infrastructure is efficiently designed for the production workflow. Mapping of production workflows with respect to the underlying infrastructure is necessary in order to engineer an optimized system design and deployment. This will result in maximum production efficiency and an increase on ROI in infrastructure resources.” Preparing your engineering teams to operate the network will go much smoother if you have invested in efficient workflow design at the start of your project. It’s imperative to pick a technology that end operators can work with, which leads to greater acceptance and more a reliable system. bq. “If sufficient in-house expertise is not available, an option is to use experienced system integrators to design, construct and commission new digital infrastructures. Care should be exercised when relying on systems integrators. Take an active role in overall project management. And be sure that there is a sufficient transfer of knowledge to your engineering and support personnel during all project phases. A one-week training program after commissioning will not be enough.” Operator training should not be an afterthought. Design of a comprehensive education package begins on day 1 of the project. There must be thorough knowledge transfer from architects and product vendors to operators – the orchestration of training requires involvement by everyone committed to the success of the project.

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