tps provides critical launch-preparedness services exclusively for mid to large-sized broadcast systems integrators and television technology providers. For over 20 years we have worked strategically with both business owners and engineering teams to guarantee that the people who will run the new facilities have the confidence and know-how to easily interact with any chosen technology.

We have a rich experience of providing video-based solutions to a variety of businesses both within the professional broadcast industry as well as corporations that are embracing video-based solutions into their best-practices.

The goal of our suite of operational readiness services is to guarantee the most efficient use of employee and system resources. We review proposed engineering concepts from an operator’s point of view to ensure maintenance engineers and operations staff can master the new systems. This detailed review and recommendation exercise leads to greater employee productivity and improved quality of service.

tps clients receive the following core services:

tps Operational Analysis

During the preliminary design review phase our operational readiness architects bring together the engineering teams and system architects to discuss opportunities to optimize the efficiency of all subsystems. During this phase we also interview business stakeholders to make certain their goals will be met by the technology choices being made. If not, we identify the potential gaps during the design phase when changes can be more easily made.

tps Workflow Design

Detailed workflows are created after we interview the engineering teams and compile all potential processes through the use of concept maps and other tools. Using standardized business process modeling, we produce logical and streamlined workflow diagrams that prepare operators to run the new systems.

By referring to a visual workflow, each employee will be able to see where and when they perform required tasks, and where each network group falls in a sequence of events.

Comprehensive Operator Training

There are 3 critical types of training that tps delivers on:
  1. Signal Flow Training – teaching operators the end-to-end signal threads
  2. Operations Training – teaching operators how to perform their jobs as defined by the approved workflows
  3. Product Training – integrating vendor training as part of the overall knowledge transfer

Of particular importance is the teaching of job responsibilities created during our operational analysis and workflow design phases. All training can be conducted in person or self-paced online.

Project Management

tps clients gain access to our private and secure, community-based online communications tool that allows the engineering and design teams to disseminate information quickly to our project managers, training developers, and to each other. This easy-to-use project management tool ensures all parties stay ‘in the know’ on project changes in real-time, which minimizes potential surprises and delays.

To receive more detailed information on our customizable services, please contact us via email or telephone.